Nokia N70

This phone has a Bluetooth® wireless implementation compatible with "Blue&Me™" device.
Phones behaviour or results may differ from those described here due to a different firmware release.

Checked with Firmware:  V 2.0536.0.2 12-09-05 RM-84 
 V 5.0705.3.0.1 30-01-07 RM-84 
Nokia 6670
Dial from the car kit
Reject incoming call
User defined ring tone (kept from the phone)
Network provider name
Conference call
Call waiting (second incoming call)
Caller ID as stored in the phonebook
Contacts download one by one
by selection
fully automatic
Transfer the audio out to your phone (private call)
Muting (Local privacy)
SMS reader

How to pair

Before using your mobile phone with Blue&Me™, you must create a pairing relationship between the mobile phone and Blue&Me™. After this procedure, Blue&Me™ will automatically connect to your phone each time that you enter the car and turn the car's key to the 'on' position.

To create a pairing relationship using manual interaction, follow these steps when the car is not moving:
Navigate to the Blue&Me Setup / Setup, Pairing, and then press <SRC> or <TEL>. Blue&Me™ starts the pairing procedure.
Blue&Me™ shows the mobile phone pairing PIN number on the display screen and also speaks the PIN number.

Procedure on the mobile phone

Phonebook download

If your mobile phone doesn't support automatic downloading during phone pairing, or if you want to send individual contact entries to "Blue&Me™", the ADD CONTACTS item will be available in the USER DATA menu.
To add mobile phone contacts to "Blue&Me™" using manual interaction:
While a mobile phone is connected to "Blue&Me™", navigate to SETTINGS, USER DATA, and then select ADD CONTACTS.
Then on the mobile phone proceed as follows:

Sending contacts one-by-one

Sending more contacts

Tips & Tricks

(1) Second incoming call :

Some strange behaviour may happen when the call which is not currently active (on hold) hangs up.

(2) Contacts download:

In order for a phone to be able to successfully transfer phonebook data to the device, the phone requires the device to be setup as a "SyncML Client".
Follow the below instructions for setting up the client device on a Bluetooth phone in order to use SyncML for phonebook downloading to the Blue&Me™ device.

SyncML Setup:

Note: [Enter] Accomplished by pressing IN on the joystick/Dpad.

(3) Audio transfer:

The phone disconnects Bluetooth when user transfers the audio path to the phone. To workaround the problem while disconnected press <TEL> button twice to re-establish the connection and transfer the audio path back to the Blue&Me™ device.

Automatic Answer:

Read firmware version:

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